About me

Welcome, eaters/drinkers! I’m Danguole.  To answer your first question, it kind of rhymes with Odwalla. To answer your second question, no, I don’t really have a nickname.  People tried–nothing sticks (nothing I like, anyway).  But I’ll answer to anything!  Try me.


I started this blog in the summer of 2011 (with some really bad photography) as a way to collect and document my favorite recipes. My obsession grew, and I kept learning along the way–from the technical stuff, to photography, to the fine art of putting goat cheese in everything humanly possible.

If I had to summarize what I’m all about here: I believe in good, adventurous eating and drinking. In my world, the kitchen is the ultimate playground, and cooking is an infinitely creative endeavor. No flavor combination is too outlandish if it tastes good. Though I love and appreciate the classics, and you’ll see them here from time to time, what I really dig is bringing you something you haven’t seen a bajillion times already.

I’ve also become very, very fond of cocktails, and my approach to creating drink recipes is exactly the same: experiment, educate yo’self as much as possible, be adventurous, share what works, learn from what doesn’t (there may or may not be a folder on my desktop entitled “NOT GREAT, BOB” for that purpose).

I like, in no particular order: hot sauce, any kind of pepper, whiskey with an e, whisky without an e, road trips, puns, my stovetop smoker, stinky cheeses, carbs, thyme, summer peaches and winter grapefruit, expressing my feelings in gifs, really great music and really atrocious TV, mountains, lakes, hazelnuts, travel, ghost towns, record stores, and homemade ice cream.

I’m Lithuanian-born, Nevada-raised, and I’d tell you exactly how old I am, but I forget to update this with any kind of respectable frequency. What matters is that sometimes I feel 12. Sometimes I feel 83.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you like what’s going on around these parts, let’s keep in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Also, another super fun thing I do is write for an awesome website called Food Riot. Poke around–there are many wonderful people writing about many wonderful Food Things. My author archive can be found here.