Amaretto Sour

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Let’s have a look at our liquor cabinet, shall we?  Bourbon is having a serious moment, deservedly so.  Rum is just moping around unshaven in a bathrobe, gazing at the fruit basket.  Your time will be here soon, little guy, no worries.  Gin is taking a nap…  Gin gets grouchy in the winter, too.  It’s tough being away from limes and tonic that long; I get it.

Vodka is…  Good for keeping your ice cream from freezing too hard?

Of course, that’s not everything–not nearly.  If you happen to like alcohol, you REALLY like it.  Like me, you might be a booze hoarder.  Without even looking, I can tell you I have bottles upon bottles of things I’ve used once or twice.  Maraschino!   Creme de violet!  Both kinds of vermouth!

Which leads me to my main point: today in Nice Problems to Have news, I need to drink more.  So let’s make us some drinks.

Do you have amaretto around?  I bet you might.  It’s lovely.  It’s nutty.  I once tried to make it from scratch, painstakingly pitting apricots and all.  Infusing patiently. Then one day, I happened upon a knocked-over mason jar of moist apricot pits and almond bits.  Yeah…  When it comes to failures, that might be my one sore spot.

Moral: buy it, save yourself the heartbreak.  And then make a mean, mean drink.  This one is so very good.  The ingredients of a classic sour are just two: your basic spirit of choice + sour mix (lemon/sugar), but in the case of amaretto, it doesn’t quite work.

Amaretto is delicate–flavorful and fragrant, but not exactly standalone cocktail material, you know?  That’s why Jeffrey Morgenthaler suggests (well, demands) using bourbon to beef it up.  Egg white is in there too, for a foamy, luxurious head.  We’re living well today.

Amaretto Sour
(recipe from Jeffrey Morgenthaler

1.5 ounces amaretto
.75 ounces bourbon
1 ounce fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon rich (2:1 sugar to water ratio) simple syrup
1 tablespoon egg white 

First, shake everything in your shaker contraption to combine, then add ice and thoroughly shake again.  Strain into a lowball glass filled with ice, and garnish with lemon or brandied cherries.  Makes 1, but you’ll want seconds immediately.

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  1. Jen says

    What a beautiful drink, and a great way to use up some of the Amaretto I bought “for baking” (aka…booze hoarding). Bourbon makes everything better.