Lea’s Killer Sangria

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It’s been a busy week here at The Headquarters (which is, uh, my bedroom).

There was a quick trip to Sacramento to see some good music.  (On a weeknight!  Maybe I am in my 20s after all.)

A coffee date with Cindy, who is totally lovely and has a beautiful blog with lots of drool-worthy treats that you should check out.

Henry Rollins on a Friday night–just a personal hero in the flesh, no biggie.

Anyway.  This is the perfect time to share something simple, quick, and wonderful with you.  I threw it together with my Denver friend a couple weekends ago, and it has already made a welcome encore appearance in my life.

I’ve never been a huge fan of…  stuff in my sangria.  Club sodas, juices, and sugar…  Especially the sugar.  Maybe it’s incorrect, or inauthentic, but I just don’t dig it thus far.  I find that the simpler sangria is, the harder it is to mess up.  What we have here is crisp, refreshing, solidly boozy, and just sweet enough from using a sweet wine rather than adding sugar.  It’s perfect for those “why won’t it just get chilly already?!” days I’ve been having lately, and you can take this recipe with you straight into fall–just use apples and pears for the fruit.  Whatever is around and whatever is good.  Cheers, lovelies!

Lea’s Killer Sangria

1 bottle crisp, dry white wine (pinot grigio works well)
1/2 cup light rum
1/4 cup triple sec
2 or so cups of your favorite seasonal fruit, cubed
1 bottle sweet sparkling white wine (Moscato d’Asti is nice here) 

 Combine first four ingredients in a 2-quart container.  Top with sparkling wine, stir gently, and keep chilled.

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