Danish Dirty Eggs

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You thought we were all through with eggs, right? Donezo, finito, from #putaneggonit to #stickaforkinit #weredonehere. Well, I have one more thing to add before we all stop obsessing with eggs (hopefully not for long). It's a little reminiscent of many other eggy preparations we ...

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Legion of Bloom: a coconut, lavender, and cachaca cocktail

legion of bloom 3 text 2 lines

Observant darlings, I know that's not lavender I'm using as garnish. I actually have two blisters from Saturday's hunt for fresh lavender in the greater Portland area, but am I going to whine about that when it was clearly nice enough outside for such on-foot shenanigans? ...

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Raspberry Chipotle Caramel Corn

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Happy Valentine's Day, pals! I made you something sweet if you're madly in love. Spicy if you've been a busy — wink — lady or gentleman. Crunchy if you've weathered a romantic storm or two and need a treat. Tart and fruity, if you are like me and have no problem enjoying a ...

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Broccoli and Apple Salad with Spicy Tahini Dressing

broccoli apple salad 13 text line

I made a couple of things for you! I mean, for me. For us. The salad is just one of them — and I'll get to that in a sec. The other thing is this fresh new haircut (i.e. site redesign) around here. I spent quite some time on it, which is why posts have been sparse. Rest ...

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